About Korax

Korax services are tailored to appeal to customers requiring an above-average standard of customer care.

Our company

Since 1996, Korax has provided high quality, high reliability web hosting, email, dedicated servers, and domain name services for business, government, retail, professionals, web developers, and hosting resellers of all sizes.

Customers consistently rate our service level as exceptional. Korax services are backed by a one-hundred percent uptime guarantee and a thirty-day money-back purchase protection guarantee.

Korax customers include:

  • Web developers and hosting resellers
  • Advertising agencies
  • Law firms and real estate services
  • Entertainment, music, and travel services
  • Retail stores
  • Schools, colleges, and other institutions
  • Government and community services
  • Non-profit organizations
  • Many other industries and organizations

Korax is 100% Canadian, with all staff, facilities and servers located in Canada. Korax serves thousands of customers in our immediate region of the Greater Toronto Area and Southern Ontario, and across the country.

Korax services are tailored to appeal to customers requiring an above-average standard of customer care. Because we provide service to many types and sizes of organizations, we have created a few easy to understand hosting services to fit all needs and budgets.

Key service groups:

The Korax network enjoys multi-homed high-capacity redundant fibre optic connectivity to the global Internet.

The Korax network

Data facility

The Korax data facility is located in a secure, carrier-class data centre at 151 Front Street West, Canada's premier telecommunications hub, located in downtown Toronto. Home to more than one-hundred and fifty telecommunications enterprises, it is one of North America's most connected buildings.

Its key benefits are:

  • Mission critical infrastructure for power, environmental control, and network connectivity.
  • Dual hydro utility feeds, and redundant high-capacity UPS and generator systems to ensure continued supply of electrical power in the event of extended utility power outage.
  • Enhanced round-the-clock physical security, video monitoring, and electronic access control to the premises.
  • Easy access to a virtually limitless supply of Internet bandwidth.

Network connectivity

The Korax network enjoys multi-homed high-capacity redundant fibre optic connectivity to the global Internet through multiple Tier-1 Internet transit providers.


Through TorIX, Korax connects directly to dozens of other large networks and Internet service providers across Canada, the U.S. and Europe.

Peering allows network traffic to take the most direct route to its destination, bypassing the public Internet. This ensures the fastest and most reliable access, and the best user experience for website visitors.

Community development and care for the environment are top priorities, and Korax actively supports organizations with those goals.

Supporting good causes

By donating services and providing financial support to charities concerned with environmental stewardship and the development of strong communities for everyone, Korax helps to ensure that their resources are put toward reaching their goals. Community development and care for the environment are top priorities, and Korax actively supports organizations with those goals. Current and past beneficiaries have included the following organizations.

The Bruce Trail Conservancy The Bruce Trail Conservancy works to establish and preserve a conservation corridor along the Niagara Escarpment, in order to protect its natural ecosystems and to promote environmentally responsible public access to this UNESCO World Biosphere Reserve. The Bruce Trail is Canada's oldest and longest continuous footpath, spanning almost 900 kilometres from Queenston to Tobermory, Ontario.

Earth Day Canada Earth Day Canada raises environmental awareness by staging events and projects to address local environmental issues. Earth Day Canada has also developed Ecokids, an educational program to help inspire children to become life-long environmental stewards.

Free the Children Free the Children is an international youth organization run by and for children, whose primary goal is to free children not just from poverty and exploitation, but also from the notion that they are powerless to effect positive social change for themselves.

Safehaven Safehaven provides Residential and Respite Care Programs that enable children and young adults with multiple disabilities and complex medical needs to live comfortably in their own communities, near family and friends, with the support of 24-hour care.

Breakfast For Learning Breakfast For Learning is Canada's lead advocate for quality nutrition in schools, helping communities to start and sustain successful school nourishment programs. Its vision is to ensure that every child in Canada attends school well nourished and ready to learn.

When it came to promoting a greener business, Korax found it was easy to help the environment by using the technology we already have.

Hosting green


Hardware makers like Intel and Western Digital are all about conservation. Because they create the technology that drives hardware like web servers, which are powered for their entire life cycle, they've focused attention on more energy-efficient components.

Korax has gradually shifted its entire server farm to servers utilizing the most energy-efficient and coolest running components. That means substantially less energy used per server than just a few years ago. Multiply that by hundreds of servers, and the green savings are significant.

No paper equals no waste

Korax was one of the first web hosting companies in the 1990s to develop a web-based control panel for its customers, and from the start, we understood the value of a paperless office environment. We've always provided electronic billing for our customers. And, we've helped customers adapt to a paperless billing cycle, completely eliminating the mailing of paper bills.

For our part, we ask for and take advantage of electronic billing from our vendors, either through email, PDF, or other means.

Electronic payment

To help avoid the cost and impact of paper cheques, Korax encourages the use of electronic payment methods for its services, like credit cards and web banking. And in turn, through common-sense practices like automated debit and credit bank transactions, we've reduced our company's use of paper cheques to virtually zero.

Marketing without the environmental impact

Let's face it: ours is an online business. Transactions are electronic, we communicate with our customers by email, and the very service we sell is about the kind of marketing that doesn't use paper.

We don't need paper-based marketing materials. We never have.

We've made a conscious decision to avoid producing printed materials like sales sheets, brochures, and other items. Our main method of communication is email and telephone, so we've reduced the number of business cards our company uses, and the people who get them. We look for vendors who've done the same, or who can sell us their products and services without paper waste.

Telecommuting and the virtual office

When it comes to the environment, the biggest impact may be transportation and the non-renewable resources it consumes.

Using technologies that are now standard business tools, like virtual private networks and voice over IP, we've been able to ease the commuting burden of our employees. With simple technology changes and easily implemented procedures, our customer support staff can now work from wherever they are, without the need to commute.

Taking cars off the road and easing the burden on public transport goes a long way to creating a truly green-powered business. And it makes very satisfied employees.

When it came to promoting a greener business, Korax found it was easy to help the environment by using the technology we already have. Just a few simple steps and a little thought go a long way.

We are focused on our core service, web and email hosting, and we do it well…We value quality, reliability, and long term client relationships.

Eleven reasons to choose us

  1. We are Canadian

    Korax is a 100% privately owned Canadian corporation. All our staff are located in Canada; all our services operate from data facilities located in Canada; and all data, including customer records and files, reside on servers physically located in Canada.
  2. We don't outsource anything

    We do not outsource any aspect of our operations or our customer support. All Korax servers, hosting, and email services are built, maintained and supported in-house by our own staff.
  3. Web hosting with answers

    We have in-depth knowledge of the technologies involved, from the optimal configuration of server software, to the details of the underlying networking protocols. This allows us to diagnose problems rapidly, and to provide detailed and correct answers to your questions.
  4. We're not a reseller

    We own our network and our server infrastructure. This means we have full control, as well as full responsibility, over our infrastructure and its proper operation. Many hosting companies, despite how they market themselves, exist in name only, and they merely rent and resell space on servers owned and operated by other providers.
  5. We're consistent

    We provide a well-run, closely monitored, stable, predictable environment, with no surprise changes. Changes which impact service functionality are extremely rare, and are announced well in advance to all affected clients.
  1. Service choice is easy

    Korax offers a straightforward and easy to understand package structure, which makes ordering, upgrades, and downgrades a simple affair. We don't present a confusing array of similar-looking packages, or force you to choose between packages differentiated by arbitrary feature combinations.
  2. We're here for you, and we're fast

    We won't keep you waiting. We answer the vast majority of support enquiries within minutes, and the rest in hours, not days, even for unusual requests.
  3. We're flexible and fair

    We're easy to work with, we're flexible, and we're fair.
  4. We're focused on what we do best

    We are focused on our core service, web and email hosting, and we do it well. Providers who try to do "everything"—or who say they do—often do nothing particularly well.
  5. A stable, venerable business

    Korax has been in business since 1997, and has been financially solid, stable and independent throughout its history.
  6. The highest service standard

    We provide services which are critical to your business, and we charge fair and reasonable rates that allow us to maintain a high standard of service. We don't seek to compete with "budget hosts". We value quality, reliability, and long term client relationships, rather than rapid growth through high volume customer acquisition.