Anycast DNS protection

Korax strengthens its service with CIRA's D-Zone Anycast DNS solution

We're excited to announce that Korax web hosting has been enhanced with the addition of DNS service protected by CIRA's D-Zone Anycast DNS. D-Zone is a highly reliable, globally distributed DNS platform with a uniquely strong Canadian footprint.

DNS is the critical infrastructure service which enables all domain names to be found on the Internet. Web browsers use DNS to find websites, and email relies on DNS to reach its destination. Anycast is a technology which eliminates the single point of failure of traditional DNS services by intelligently routing domain name lookups across a network of geographically diverse name servers. This provides high availability and resilience, as well as improved response time.

This major enhancement is a first in the Canadian web hosting marketplace. Korax is the only hosting provider in Canada to integrate D-Zone Anycast DNS into its web hosting packages and offer it to all clients at no extra cost, as a standard feature of the service.

D-Zone Anycast DNS is designed to especially benefit Canadian organizations and Internet users. Servers located at multiple well-connected sites across Canada keep latency low for Korax clients' important Canadian web traffic. D-Zone additionally has global presence with servers located at major international Internet hubs. Each node is built with fully redundant, load-balanced, state-of-the-art equipment to improve capacity, latency, security, and uptime.

Korax is the only hosting provider in Canada to integrate D-Zone Anycast DNS into its web hosting packages.

Attacks against DNS services have risen significantly in both magnitude and frequency in recent years. Such attacks can bring down an organization's entire Internet presence, yet few online businesses in Canada are protected, or are even aware that their DNS service is a vulnerable target.

With D-Zone Anycast DNS, attack traffic is dispersed to the name servers closest to the sources of the attack, limiting its impact. Almost all attack traffic originates outside Canada. This traffic is absorbed by the international nodes, leaving Canadian web visitors unaffected.

In addition, the distributed nature of D-Zone Anycast DNS also provides immediate benefits by automatically routing DNS requests to the name server geographically closest to each website visitor. This results in faster domain name lookups, and a better user experience.

The D-Zone Anycast DNS infrastructure is operated and backed by CIRA, the Canadian Internet Registration Authority. D-Zone leverages the same infrastructure and expertise used to provide uninterrupted DNS resolution for more than 2 million .CA domain names.