Referral Rewards

Every Korax customer can earn referral rewards on their account equal to half the value of the referred purchase. Optionally sharing them can offer incentives to the new customer to start business with you and Korax.

For each referral made to Korax that results in the purchase of a new web hosting package or dedicated server by a new customer, existing customers can receive half the value of the new client's first month of service.

Referrals are useful for resellers and web developers, who usually refer many new customers to Korax, but any existing Korax customer can take advantage of them.

The referral rewards can optionally be shared between the existing customer and the new customer, for a savings of twenty-five percent on the first month of hosting for the new client, and twenty-five percent credited to the existing client.

There's no program to join and no limit. New customers simply reference an existing customer's name and company name when ordering.

Get referral rewards equal to half the purchase price of a new account, optionally sharing them with the new client.

How to earn referral rewards

First: when referring a new client to Korax, ask them to provide your name and your company name as a referral reference in the area provided on the order form. (A reseller or web developer who routinely opens accounts on behalf of new customers can provide their own information.)

Next: thirty days after the new account is activated, we will calculate the monthly recurring revenue by adding up the monthly prices of all the active services on the account as of that date.

Finally: ninety days after the new account is activated, we will credit the existing customer's account fifty percent of the monthly recurring revenue amount calculated at the end of the first thirty days. Credits can optionally be equally shared between the new and existing customers. Existing customers simply contact us within ninety days to notify us that the rewards are to be shared. Half the credits will be applied to the new customer's billing account, and half to the existing customer, reducing future payments.


  1. The referring customer and the referred customer must be unrelated business entities with no common ownership.
  2. Referral rewards will be paid in the form of a credit on the referring customer's billing account, or on the referring customer and the referred customer's billing accounts.
  3. Credits will be issued 90 days after the new account is activated.
  4. The total amount of the credit will be calculated as 50% of the total monthly recurring revenue (MRR) from active services on the new account at the end of the first thirty days. If prices are discounted, the MRR will be calculated based on the discounted prices.
  5. The MRR will not include setup fees, domain registration fees, SSL certificate purchases, or taxes.
  6. No credits will be paid to accounts which are past due, set to close, or are closed before the credits are due to be paid.
  7. Credits are not cash redeemable or refundable.
  1. Korax's acceptance of a client referral or issuance of a referral credit does not constitute or imply a partnership between the referring customer and Korax. No rights are conferred and no obligations are created on either party.
  2. Korax reserves the right to modify these terms and conditions at any time and without notice. Any changes will take effect once they're posted on this page.
  3. The referred customer must not be a current customer, or a former customer previously terminated for violating the Terms of Service.
  4. The referred customer must specify the referring customer's name and company name on the account order form.
  5. The referred customer must maintain hosting services with Korax for at least ninety days.
  6. The referred customer must not have already been referred by any existing customer during the previous twelve months.