Korax: Servers and Hosting

About Korax

Korax is Canadian

Korax is a privately owned Canadian corporation in business since 1997. We sell high quality, high reliability web hosting, email services, dedicated servers, and domain names to businesses, government, professionals, web developers, and hosting resellers.

We are 100% Canadian. Our network facilities and servers are located in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Our support staff is in Ontario. We serve thousands of customers in our immediate region of the Greater Toronto Area, all over Southern Ontario, and across Canada. Prices are in Canadian dollars.

We absolutely guarantee all our hosting services. We back them up with an always on, 100% uptime guarantee for all our customers, and we have a money-back purchase protection guarantee for all new customers buying for the first time.

Data centre

Our data facility is located in downtown Toronto in a secure, carrier-class data centre at 151 Front Street West, Canada's premier telecommunications hub. Home to more than one-hundred and fifty telecommunications enterprises, it is one of North America's most connected buildings. Its benefits include mission-critical infrastructure for redundant power and connectivity, physical on-site security and electronic access control, and a virtually limitless supply of Internet bandwidth.

Network and peering

Our network employs multi-homed high-capacity redundant fibre optic connectivity to the global Internet through multiple Tier-1 Internet transit providers.

Through TorIX, we connect directly to dozens of other large networks and Internet service providers across Canada, the U.S. and Europe.

Peering allows network traffic to take the most direct route to its destination, bypassing the public Internet. This ensures the fastest and most reliable access, and the best user experience for our customers' website visitors.

We protect our DNS infrastructure from attack using CIRA's D-Zone Anycast DNS solution.