Korax: Servers and Hosting

Thirty day money-back guarantee

Korax guarantees satisfaction with all its web hosting packages. If any package, for any reason, does not meet the expectations of any customer, a full refund of the hosting package price will be issued within thirty days of purchase on a new account.

A full refund of the purchase price of the Net Image package or Web Starter package package can be requested within the first thirty days of opening a new account, regardless of the billing period selected.

Credit card payments will be refunded back to the credit card used to make the purchase.

Cheque payments will be refunded by cheque and sent to the contact name, organization, and address submitted with the original order.

Some purchases are not refundable under this guarantee. Dedicated servers are contracted, and are not covered by the thirty-day money-back guarantee. Other fees not refundable are domain name registration or renewal fees, SSL certificate purchase fees, and any and all setup fees.

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