Korax: Servers and Hosting

Service Level
Agreement (SLA)

For the life of a customer's account, Korax guarantees that websites hosted using a dedicated server or web hosting package service will be available 100% of the time. If Korax doesn't meet that commitment, customers will be paid in the form of credits applied to the billing account.

This guarantee is also called the "Service Level Agreement (SLA)", and credits applied under this guarantee are called "SLA credits". To receive SLA credits, customers must make a request using the "Send a help request" function of AMS Control Panel within two days of the outage.

The customer's billing account will be credited the pro-rated amount for one day of the regular monthly charge of the affected service, for each hour or portion of one hour during which the service was unavailable. The maximum SLA credit amount will be the amount of the regular monthly charge of the affected service.

Credits are issued to customer billing accounts, to be applied to any future bill. SLA credits are not cash redeemable. If an account is closed before SLA credits have been applied to a bill, the credits will be lost.

Customers who have the Net Image package, Web Starter package, or Managed server are guaranteed to have website availability to Internet visitors through the HTTP protocol, and incoming email availability through the IMAP and POP3 protocols.

Customers who have an Unmanaged server are guaranteed to be able to pass IP (Internet Protocol) packets between the customer's server and the Internet at large.

Unavailability is limited to network outages within the Korax network, or web server software or hardware downtime, either of which causes the customer's service to be unavailable from the Korax network.

Issues beyond the control of Korax for which SLA credits aren't issued include force majeure, outages in the Internet at large, latency at hops between the Korax network and the customer's location, downtime resulting from breaches of security or denial of service attacks, any failure of customer-owned or customer-administered equipment, hardware, or software, or for scheduled maintenance.

Scheduled maintenance is work that may cause service interruptions, and which is scheduled to be performed by Korax with at least twenty four hours of advance notice.

Websites utilizing DNS services provided by a third party are not eligible for SLA credits.

More information about the Korax SLA is included in the Terms of Service.

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