Korax: Servers and Hosting

Email addresses

Email addresses are created using AMS Control Panel. There's no maximum limit to the number of email addresses you can create. To create email addresses, sign in to Control Panel, navigate to the hosting package and website whose email you want to manage, and click the "Email addresses" task.

Tip: if the "Email addresses" task is greyed out, click the "Email domain" task to activate the email service for that website.

Each email address can be set to forward your incoming mail to one or more other addresses, or to store the mail in a mailbox, or both. In addition, each email address can be configured to send back an automatic reply.

If you set your email address to store the mail in a mailbox, you have several ways to retrieve your mail. You can use any desktop email app such as Microsoft Outlook or Apple Mail, or your mobile device, or Webmail, or any combination. The settings for your email app or mobile device, along with step-by-setup setup guides, are listed here.

Tip: Make sure you check the mailbox for new mail regularly. If you don't, the email address will eventually stop accepting new mail.

Mailbox storage limits

Each mailbox has a storage limit. If the storage limit is reached, the mailbox stops accepting new mail. Instead, new messages are returned to the sender with an error saying "mailbox full".

To prevent your mailbox from running out of storage space, make sure your email app is set to delete messages from the server after downloading. If your email app is connecting with IMAP, or if you use Webmail, you need to periodically delete old messages from your Inbox, from any folders you've created, and from the Sent folder. The Sent folder automatically stores a copy of everything you send, including attachments, so it can quickly grow to consume a lot of space.

You can check your mailbox storage usage in AMS Control Panel, or in Webmail.