Korax: Servers and Hosting

Publishing your website

You can use any FTP app or website publishing software of your choice to upload your site to the server. If you don't already have an FTP app installed on your computer, see below for links to some popular apps.

To get your FTP connection information, sign in to AMS Control Panel, navigate to your hosting package, and click the "FTP users" task. Your FTP server address and FTP username will be displayed, along with a link to set or change the password.

Enter the connection details into your FTP app. When you connect to the server, you'll see a folder with the same name as your website. Upload your website into that folder.

Tip: if you're using the standard FTP connection type and can't get a folder listing or transfer files, you need to enable "passive mode" in your FTP app. Passive mode is also known as "outgoing data connections" or "PASV mode". This will be in the same place where you entered the connection details. Many FTP apps have passive mode enabled by default.

There are many free and commercial FTP and SFTP applications available. You can search Google for FTP software, or try one of the following.

Unix shell access

The Net Image package on Unix includes SSH access to the server command-line environment. To connect, enter the same server address as for FTP into your SSH terminal app, and set the server port number to 822 instead of the standard SSH port 22. Only the primary FTP username and password can be used for SSH access. Additional FTP users do not have SSH access.